Legacy of the Beast: Blind Box Figures Wave One


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IRON MAIDEN - Legacy of the Beast: Blind Box Figures Wave One
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Legacy of the Beast Wave 1 limited edition figurines are a brand new collection of figurines sold by blind box.
There are 12 different individual figurines and the chance of getting a particular figurine are:
Goddess Aset figurine – 1:12
Clairvoyant figurine – 2:12
Cyborg figurine – 1:60
Holy Smokes figurine – 2:12
Owl Cultist figurine – 1:12
Pharaoh figurine – 1:12
Rainmaker figurine – 1:12
Reaper figurine – 1:12
Samurai figurine – 1:94
Soulless Demon figurine – 1:12
Speed of Light figurine – 3:24
Wicker Boss figurine – 1:12
Heights of figurines vary, and are typically 9cm high including the stand
Please note item selection is random and items are in blind packaging. We cannot accept requests for specific items, nor can we accept returns on opened items. You may receive duplicates when ordering more than 1 item

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Become a part of the Legacy of Iron Maiden! Based on the award winning mobile RPG game Legacy of the Beast comes an assortment of Eddie and support characters featured in the game. Which one will you get? It’s a surprise! Immerse yourself in the Legacy of the Beast universe with these highly detailed PVC mini figures. Collect all 12 different characters including Eddie in his different classes including Sentinel, Assassin, Gunner, Magus, and Warrior! Each collectable figure measures about 4inches tall and comes packaged in a blind red foil bag. Assortment includes: Holy Smokes Eddie, The Clairvoyant, Speed of Light Eddie, Pharaoh Eddie, The Goddess Asset, The Wicker Boss, Owl Cultist, Rainmaker Eddie, Soulless Demon, Grim Reaper Eddie, Cyborg Eddie, and Samurai Eddie! Which character will you get?

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