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ERIC PETERSON - Autographed Comic Book Bundle
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  • Comic - $25.99
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    Comic - $25.99
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  • format:Comic
  • Genre:Metal, Thrash / Speed Metal
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“From the mastermind of Eric Peterson, spawns "The Burner”; an electrifying tale of a blood-red, dragon planet, on course to destroy Earth. The Burner entity connects with the black thrash metal axe shredder via telepathy, and also seeks him out on Earth. The Burner crosses past foes, like a vengeful witch, and a mysterious cosmic sea creature; both who live for the Burner’s demise. “Eric The Dragonlord" will take you on a heavy-metal, skull crushing, dark thriller of a ride. Each of the comic books in this bundle is signed by Eric Peterson of Testament!”

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