Heroes Deluxe Edition (3CD)

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SABATON - Heroes Deluxe Edition (3CD)
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    3CD-Digi - $14.99
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7th studio album from the bombastic Swedish metal powerhouse!This version features the entire "Heroes" album + a whopping 23 live tracks spread over 2 discs from the band's sold-out 2014 Sabaton cruise!!!

Track list
Disc 1 Sabaton Heroes Album: 1.Night Witches 2.No Bullets Fly 3.Smoking Snakes 4.Inmate 4859 5.To Hell & Back 6.The Ballad of Bull 7.Resist & Bite 8.Soldier of 3 Armies 9.Far From the Fame 10.Hearts of Iron Disc 2 Sabaton Live form the Sabaton Cruise 2014 : 1.Night Witches 2.To Hell & Back 3.Smoking Snakes 4.Far From the Fame 5. Resist & Bite 6.Soldier of 3 Armies 7.Carolus Rex 8.Gott Min Uns 9.Karolinens Bon 10.1648 11.En Livsted I Krig12. Twilight of the Thunder Gods Disc 3 Sabaton Live : 1.Ghost Division 2.40:1 3.White Death 4.Aterro Dominatus 5.7734 6.Price of a Mile 7.Talvisota (The Winter War) 8.Swedish Pagans 9.Art of War 10.Primo Victoria 11.Metal Crue
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