Struck by a Murderous Siege

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DERANGED - Struck by a Murderous Siege
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IMPORTED FROM POLAND! Limited double CD BOX. Includes: Struck By A Murderous Siege digipack CD, Postmortem Rituals* digipak CD, embroidered logo patch and A2 poster. Limited to 500 numbered copies worldwide. *The CD is available with the box-set exclusivelly. You cannot purchase separately.

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"The new Deranged album, titled "Struck by a murderous siege" is a blend of classical Deranged brutality with a bit of new elements that will fit perfectly both old and new Deranged fans. You can be sure about that! The album, consisting of five fast, grinding and shredding songs and three heavy mid-tempo tunes, will give the listener the most interesting and varied Deranged album so far. Prepare to hear the echoes of serial killers and brutality!"

Track list
1. Orgy of infanticide exposed corpses Part 2
2. ...the confessions of a necrophile
3. Nervus thoracicus longus Part 2
4. Upon the medical slab
5. Red disorder
6. The maceration of a carbuncular embryo
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