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ANTI-MORTEM - New Southern
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What the North American hard rock and metal scene needs right now is an infusion of youth and some new blood. Enter Anti-
Mortem, an Oklahoma quintet whose combined average age is just 21-years-old. Raised on southern rock and heavy metal,
the band doles out bottom heavy and groove-laden anthems on their upcoming debut album, “New Southern”. And, as with
all the metal greats they’ve learned from, a modern sense of melody also infuses every track.
Singer Larado Romo, who sings with the vim and vitriol of a younger, more virile version of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, and
the range of Disturbed’s David Draiman, reveals the band’s goal and that’s to drag rock ‘n’ roll back to the forefront. “Hard
rock is stagnating,” he acknowledges. “We want people to think, ‘Rock has balls again.’”
Anti-Mortem, whose name is based on the Latin term which means “preceding death”, can trace their humble beginnings back
to 2008. Larado was in middle-school and the rest of his now-bandmates were in high school. He was drafted into the mix by
his older brother, guitarist Nevada. Despite the difference in age, the members meshed because underneath it all, they were
music fanatics who loved playing their instruments and enjoyed listening to classic rock. They were fully immersed in the rock
of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Then they discovered metal and the rest is Anti-Mortem history.
For New Southern, Anti-Mortem worked with veteran producer Bob Marlette (Shinedown, Seether, Black Stone Cherry), who
helped them channel their varied influences and inspirations into a cohesive and seamless mix. Incredibly prolific, to date
they have penned a whopping 100 songs as a band, and come up with a new song or a new riff every week. “We have so
many writers in our band and we all have different tastes,” Romo says.
Once you get through a full listen to New Southern, you will find yourself not believing that musicians as young as the
members of Anti-Mortem could craft such a solid album. They play with the skill of seasoned vets, yet they have the fire in
their bellies that define up-and-coming bands determined to make a go of it and to be heard.
Explaining the album’s name, Romo concludes, “The title New Southern describes our way of life and our mindset. It’s the
same attitude, the same anger and the same resolution of the rebels that have lived before us, that always stood up for
what’s right, not what’s easy. When I say rebels I mean revolutionaries like JFK, Ghandi and John Lennon. From a musical
standpoint, I would love to carry on the legacy of all the greats like Pantera and Metallica. Those bands made an impact
because of how they carried themselves and the messages they gave us in their music. New Southern is a NEW spin, OUR spin,
on the southern mentality and how we aim to carry on the torch.”

Track list
01. Words Of Wisdom
02. New Southern
03. 100% Pure American Rage
04. Hate Automatic FM04
05. Black Heartbeat
06. I Get Along With The Devil
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