Infernal Rock Eternal


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CHROME DIVISION - Infernal Rock Eternal
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Shagrath is well known from his band Dimmu Borgir, but not everyone knows there’s a
different side to the guy: his love for dirty Rock and Roll. During the summer of ’04 he
summoned his longtime friends Lex Icon of The Kovenant and Luna of Ashes to Ashes,
respectively on drums and bass guitar. Suddenly they were a trio. During months of
rehearsing and beer drinking, the band CHROME DIVISION took shape.
After releasing the highly successful albums “Doomsday Rock N` Roll” (2006), “Booze,
Broads, & Beelzebub” (2008) and “Third Round Knockout” (2011), the band were held
back from entering the live scene due to immense activity with the members other
bands, so it remained a dormant volcano of pure energy. Finally, the band is set to
release their 4th full length album, “Infernal Rock Eternal”, a perfect blend of dirty rock,
stoner and even elements of metal. An intense and highly creative album, the band’s
new release showcases each member at the zenith of their most creative and raucous!
Chrome Division is set to play more shows in 2014. A new era has begun. Long live

Track list
01. Good Morning Riot
02. Endless Nights
03. (She’s) Hot Tonight
04. The Absinthe Voyage
05. Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow
06. The Moonshine Years
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