Serenity In Fire

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KATAKLYSM - Serenity In Fire
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Innovators, and sole purveyors of the Northern Hyperblast, Canada's KATAKLYSM have engulfed the death metal scene by releasing six highly influential albums over the last seven years! KATAKLYSM have ignited their popularity all the while sparking intrigue and drawing attention to the genre as a whole with their persistence and musical proficiency. Incinerating audiences all over the world for the past twelve years, KATAKLYSM have established themselves as leaders in the scene and the band's sales exponentially increase with each successive release. KATAKLYSM have toured the U.S. with The Haunted, Misery Index, Divine Empire and Beyond The Embrace and the band will supplement their unrelenting U.S. tour plans with appearances at all the major metal festivals in 2004. While maintaining their brutal Hyperblast trademark on "Serenity In Fire", the album is KATAKLYSM's most gripping and accessible release to date, which will indefinitely expand their metal and hardcore fan bases. The album features a guest appearance from metal icon Peter Tagtgren (HYPOCRISY, Abyss Studios) making the album a "must buy" for every death metal fan!

Track list
1.The Ambassador Of Pain
2.The Resurrected
3.As I Slither
4.For All Our Sins
5.The Night They Returned
6.Serenity In Fire
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