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MÉLANCOLIA - HissThroughRottenTeeth
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  • CD - $12.99
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    CD - $12.99
  • Release date:2023-04-21
  • Item number:110320
  • format:CD
  • Genre:Metal
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From under the veil of obscurity emerges Melbourne-based melodic blackened deathcore group Mélancolia.

Melancolia echoes a tormented entity trapped within the claws of despair, angst, and unnerving melancholy. Like messengers of darkness, Alex Hill takes his place at the forefront as vocalist, Joshua Taafe and Billy Morris join the fold as guitarists with Mason Page on drums.

Track list
1. Horror_Ethereal
2. Dread Will Follow
3. God Tongue
4. When Shovels Drag On Concrete
5. The Hands That Tied The Noose
6. (Inure)
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