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MAYAN - Antagonise
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    CD - $11.99
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  • Genre:Heavy / Power / True Metal
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Dutch Symphonic Death Metal act MAYAN are on the verge
of releasing their new album “Antagonise”! The new album
showcases the current condition of our society, in which
our freedom and privacy are further limited. The lies and
propaganda from governments all over the world, the
spying, a so called “war on terror”, and the insinuated
“freedom” we get just to keep us under control. This
translated through Mark Jansen’s sharp view and the band’s
characteristic style of Symphonic Progressive (Death) Metal
for maximum expression results in the perfect and most
powerful and confronting album possible to date.

Track list
01. Denory (BONUS TRACK)
02. Bloodline Forfeit
03. Burn Your Witches
04. Redemption
05. Paladins Of Deceit
06. Lone Wolf
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