Pariah's Child


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SONATA ARCTICA - Pariah's Child
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Finnish Melodic Metal outfit SONATA ARCTICA will release its new record “Pariah’s Child” on April 1, 2014 via Nuclear Blast. It will be
the bands’ eighth studio album and the follow up to their successful “Stones Grow Her Name”.
The predecessor to “Pariah’s Child”, which was out in 2012 via Nuclear Blast, saw the band achieving gold status in their native Finland
after just one week – their ninth gold disc so far. And also gaining global chart domination with some of the following entries: Finland #1,
Sweden (Rock Charts) #5, Canada (Rock Charts) #7, UK Rock Charts #9 and Germany #24.
With “Pariah’s Child”, SONATA ARCTICA return to their metal roots, as Keyboardist Henrik “Henkka” Klingenberg states: “After
leaning toward a more Hard Rock approach on the last album, we’re back to a Metal approach with this one. I would say is our definition
of SONATA ARCTICA past and present. Of course we have a couple of oddball tracks but most of the stuff is straight forward Melodic Metal.”
“Pariah’s Child” was recorded and produced by the whole band itself – without any outsiders being involved, apart from a couple of
guest performances – and mixed by bass player Pasi Kauppinen. The mastering however was again done at Chartmakers (AMORPHIS,
KORPIKLAANI) in Helsinki.
Furthermore SONATA ARCTICA take a trip back to its own past, as far as the Artwork is concerned. Vocalist Tony Kakko explains his
thoughts behind the album title and the artwork like this: “As always it’s pretty hard coming up with a name for the new baby. I tried to
approach it from many angles; how this is our 8th album and how easy it would be to abuse that fact. All the symbolism of figure eight,
eternity and so on. But that just did not feel right as it’s been done so many times. Then I started to think how we’d in ways abandoned our
“totem animal”, the wolf and all what comes with the territory. As the music on the album is bowing more towards the “old” Sonata, meaning
more power metal style elements and wolves in many of the songs in one form or another, it was clear we need a wolf on the cover. An
abandoned wolf. A pariah. Or Pariah’s child, actually. The new generation to bring the old logo back.”

Track list
01. The Wolves Die Young
02. Running Lights
03. Take One Breath
04. Cloud Factory
05. Blood
06. What Did You Do In The War, Dad?
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