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SYMPHONY X - Underworld
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    CD - $11.99
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A distinct murmur went around the world in 1994 when a certain six-string guitarist from New Jersey named Michael Romeo of the prog band Gemini recorded THE DARK CHAPTER demo and sent it out to record labels. It seemed the new guitar messiah of the coming 21st Century had made himself known to the world and he’d soon launch a new band that would stir up the prog genre! With an innovative mixture of Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock and (Neo)Classical hard sounds, Romeo and his men in SYMPHONY X recorded a debut album (released in Japan in ‘94; released worldwide in 1995) that began their journey to create a blueprint for the young generation of Prog-Metallers to follow.
With 8 full length releases behind them, Symphony X is one of the most popular prog-metal bands in America. Considering this accomplished history of prolific creation, prog connoisseurs may ask themselves how SYMPHONY X could possibly go one better. Produced by Jens Bogren, who did the band’s last two releases, “Underworld” can definitely be referred to as a manifesto – a commanding declaration of an inventive blend of Classic Rock, straightforward Heavy Metal and ambitious Prog. These are the elements that albums destined for an eternity of praise are made of!

Track list
01. Overture
02. Nevermore
03. Underworld
04. Without You
05. Kiss Of Fire
06. Charon
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