Dawn Of The Nine


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UNLEASHED - Dawn Of The Nine
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Warriors!!! Hear the sound of the battle cry! With their new album “Dawn of the Nine”, the band’s 12th release in their 26 year career, legendary Swedish trailblazers UNLEASHED have forged a modern Death Metal weapon from the blood and spirit of their Viking ancestors. This new album is not simply the successor to 2012’s “Odalheim” as it also continues to tell the northern mythology’s post-apocalyptic history. The album, just like its predecessor, was recorded and produced by guitarist Fredrik Folkare in his Chrome Studios in Sweden.

Track list
01. A New Day Will Rise
02. They Came To Die
03. Defenders Of Midgard
04. Where Is Your God Now?
05. The Bolt Thrower
06. Let The Hammer Fly
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