A Valediction GOLD VINYL (Import)

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OBSCURA - A Valediction GOLD VINYL (Import)
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Imported from Germany! Gold vinyl LP's. Limited to 300 copies worldwide and exclusive to our Nuclear Blast mail order.

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Germany-based metal band OBSCURA launch trilogy concept on stunning new album “A Valediction”. The group’s first (sixth overall) album for Nuclear Blast pivots on many fronts. Advanced, elegant, and yet refreshing, “A Valediction” sums up past endeavors effortlessly as it gazes with purpose and conviction into the future. OBSCURA are fan-renowned and critically acclaimed for challenging and then expanding upon norms. From “Cosmogenesis”(2009) through “Diluvium”(2018), the band flourished and made significant progress in a musical genre unprepared for a creative shot of German invention. “A Valediction” spearheads OBSCURA into a new era of extreme metal. Welcome to the next level!

Track list
Side A
1. Forsaken
2. Solaris
3. A Valediction
Side B
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