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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY - Oh What The Future Holds ORANGE VINYL (Import)
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Imported from Germany! Orange Vinyl LP.

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Survival depends on evolution. As conditions change and tides turn, we must change with them in order to stay one step ahead of the coming challenges. It’s clear that FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY have embraced that mantra as they continue to perpetually evolve with each subsequent body of work. Not just blurring, but eradicating the lines between technical metal virtuosity, death metal menace, hardcore intensity, melodic insidiousness, and abstract approaches, the New Jersey band embody an uncompromising vision of their own.

The six-piece—Joseph Badolato (vocals), Patrick Sheridan (guitar), Timothy Howley (guitar), Will Putney (guitar), Peter Blue Spinazola (bass), and Josean Orta Martinez (drums)—perfect this approach on their sixth full-length offering, Oh What The Future Holds(Nuclear Blast Records).

In early 2021, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY congregated in-person at Putney’s Graphic Nature Audio and recorded Oh What The Future Holds. Now, they introduce the album with the single “Far From Heaven.” Swirling as a perfect storm, airy guitar cuts through a pummeling percussive groove as melodic vocals slip into a guttural groan offset by neck-snapping riffs and powerful dynamics. “The world we exist in is clearly “Far From Heaven”. Institutions are exploited, and people are taken advantage of. There’s a power struggle between those in control and those who aren’t. This is a fairly literal reflection on the world today.”

Track list
Side A
1. Oh What The Future Holds
2. Pandora
3. Far From Heaven
4. In Shadows
5. Two Towers
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