NUKES! Reward Program

What are Nukes!?
Upon registering for an account for Nuclear Blast Services you are automatically enrolled in Nuclear Blast’s reward program called “Nukes!” Nukes! are rewards points earned based upon the amount of money spent in the Nuclear Blast web store (the “Web Store”). The Nukes! you accrue may be used to purchase items in the Nuclear Blast web store.

How Are Nukes! Earned?
After registering for an account for the Web Store you will automatically accrue at least one Nuke! for every dollar spent through the Web Store, and some items in the Web Store are eligible for even more Nukes! – the number of Nukes! that can be earned for the purchase of each item is set forth in the item’s description. In addition, the Nukes! you earn will multiply once you have achieved Bronze, Silver, or Gold status as described below.

What are the Different Nukes! Rewards Levels?
Bronze level starts at 5,000 Nukes!
Silver level starts at 15,000 Nukes!
Gold level starts at 30,000 Nukes!

In determining whether you are available for each rewards level, all Nukes! you have acquired while your account has been open are considered, including those Nukes! that have expired or been redeemed to purchase items.

What Are The Benefits of the Different Nukes! Rewards Levels?
For each rewards level achieved, you will obtain access to the respective Bronze, Silver, or Gold exclusive areas on the Nuclear Blast website which contain exclusive offers.

The number of Nukes! you earn with every purchase in the Web Store increase with each rewards level as follows:

Bronze level: you earn two (2) Nukes! for every dollar spent
Silver level: you earn three (3) Nukes! for every dollar spent
Gold level you earn four (4) Nukes! for every dollar spent

This means you can earn significantly more Nukes! in your customer account in less time, giving you more Nukes! to redeem!

How Are Nukes! Redeemed?
Once you have enough Nukes! to purchase an item, you may redeem your Nukes! in the shopping cart of the Web Store. You have 12 months to redeem your Nukes! before they expire.

Are There Any Limitations?
Nukes! will expire without further notice to you upon cancellation of your account or 12 months after the Nukes! were earned. Nukes! accrued do not constitute your property and are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity, and cannot be transferred to any other account. Any Nukes! accrued for a purchase that you later return for a refund will be forfeited upon your receipt of the refund.