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Although attaining underground notoriety and rave reviews for their debut album Central Tunnel Eight (2004, info), Cipher System is not a household name within the sphere of melodic death metal – not yet.

What was a first full length shot at their very own take on progressive melodic death, lethally infused with electronics, has now grown into relentless, remorseless mechanical perfection – Communicate the Storms (info | shop).
By no means a newcomer in the scene even in 2004, Cipher System was formed as Eternal Grief in 1996, at a time when the famed Gothenburg sound was at its peak, with the young band rising from the fertile ground of the classics of its time.
They first reached the ears of the underground in 2001 with their promo demo “Eyecon”, which gave them some proper attention – and with their next demo they caught the attention of Lifeforce Records, who released the three songs on a split CD with fellow Swedish metallers By Night (info).

In may 2004 the time had finally come to enter the legendary Studio Fredman to record 10 songs for what would be an unsuspecting world’s first taste of the utter brutality and serene harmony that Cipher System produces – an album that sounds remarkably fresh even 7 years later, a rare thing in times when a year old album easily becomes stale. 15 years after the birth of the band, Cipher System returns with what has to be described as a masterpiece in a genre where innovation has become sparse, putting their murderous machinations on public display, forged with fearsome skill and precision – Communicate the Storm. Packed in the rapturous art of a true genius of darkened visuals, Seth Siro Anton (Soilwork, Paradise Lost, SepticFlesh), and with a mix once again stemming from the hallowed grounds of Studio Fredman, this colossus of an album has surely sent tremors throughout the scene!

Henric Karlsson (Bass)
Emil Frisk (Drums)
Andreas Allenmark (Guitars)
Johan Eskilsson (Guitars)
Peter Engström (Keyboards)
Carl Obbel (Vocals)