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Sylosis - a gifted, steadily self-developing Thrash Metal band from England – are on the top of their genre! Their debut Conclusion Of An Age (2008) showed how talented the guys were, and how they knew exactly, how they can satisfy the demanding metal audience.

Their concerts with Dragonforce, As I Lay Dying, Fear Factory, The Black Dahlia Murder and many other bands were always a full success and also the stages of Sonisphere and Graspop festival were stages for their immense talent. After the guitarist, Josh Middleton, also took part as the vocalist, Sylosis excelled themselves with their album Edge Of The Earth. The dark ambience, the plausible melodies and hard riffs made this album a masterpiece. The producer was Scott Atkins, who emphasised a lot the importance of a natural sound on this album.

“We wanted, as we arranged our attention more to aggression and emotion instead of perfection, to breed more corners and edges in a different way from the last album.
Heavy metal albums, which sound like brought in by a computer, we are sick of. The best way to give hardness to a thing, are letting to show through the human – and sometimes ugly- elements”
, explained Sylosis singer Middleton. “Progressive bands like Rush, Pink Floyd, Neurosis and Cult Of Luna demonstrated an inspiration source for this album. Without doubt, old-school trash still presents the tonal basement and our new exemplars are our hardest till now, but at the same time we want prospect deeper than the most other metal bands.”
The album “Edge Of The Earth” reports about isolation, disorientation and death rate. Although this story is a virtual one, lots of personal experiences are played into it.

In October 2012 Sylosis rose to the challenge of beating their masterpiece with a new album. The basis for the lyrics of Monolith is the Greek mythology. Both thematically and musically “Monolith” is to compare with a piece of rock scarcely to overcome.
The third album of the band was produced together with the producer Romesh Dodangoda in the Monnow Valley Studios.

Josh Middleton (Vocals, Guitars)
Alex Bailey (Guitars)
Conor Marshall (Bass)
Ali Richardson (Drums)