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EXHORDER formed in 1985 by a group of friends who wanted to break out of the hardcore scene and had a passion for the heaviest music in the world. They are considered progenitors of the groove-oriented thrash sound later made famous by bands such as PANTERA, LAMB OF GOD, WHITE ZOMBIE, and MACHINE HEAD. Coming after years of demos, their debut LP »Slaughter In The Vatican« (1990) was regarded as a major influence on the NOLA metal scene and saw them rapidly rise on the world stage as one of the defining thrash acts of their generation. Their second (and to date last album) »The Law« was released in 1992 and adopted more of a groove metal sound. It saw the band reach their peak of popularity, unfortunately bad luck and external pressures lead to the demise of the group in 1994.

With the underground remaining steadfast in their dedication to the band, they have since reunited with the line-up from »The Law« on several occasions. With these reunions they have played Maryland Deathfest, Rock Hard Festival, and countless others. The reunion was cut short in 2011 with the untimely passing of their classic-era bassist Frankie Sparcello. Now the band is back, reunited and hungrier than ever to take on the world. With a boatload of festival dates on the way along with select club shows the New Orleans boys are here to show the world once more what it takes to thrash it up.

Kyle Thomas (vocals)
Marzi Montazeri (guitars)
Jason VieBrooks (bass)
Sasha Horn (drums)