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Since the release of their debut album Dawn of Possession in 1991, IMMOLATION has been a driving force in the extreme metal scene that they helped define.

Never a band to rely on their previous efforts, IMMOLATION has continued album after album to refine and hone their unique style and sound, creating some of the darkest and most adventurous death metal the scene has ever heard. With such classic albums as Here In After, Failures for Gods, and Close To A World Below, as well as their more recent critically acclaimed releases, Unholy Cult, Harnessing Ruin, Hope and Horror and Shadows In The Light, the band has developed into one of the premier extreme acts of our time.

Legends in the underground scene with over two decades under their belts, one of the most ferocious live bands out there, and now with a new album dropped in 2010 IMMOLATION does not look like they are letting up anytime soon! With the release of Majesty and Decay, their first for Nuclear Blast Records, IMMOLATION has not only once again surpassed their previous releases, but has also without a doubt created their strongest, best produced and most crushing album to date! If a band has ever gotten better with age, IMMOLATION is the finest example.

With 2013’s »Kingdom Of Conspiracy«, the band took things to another level of intensity. With this, the band’s second full length record for Nuclear Blast, it was clear that IMMOLATION had found themselves at their most refined and strongest point to date. »Kingdom Of Conspiracy« was without a doubt their most complete, menacing, and grimmest culmination of musical madness the band had ever released! While conceptually taking a dim and bitter look at the realities of our world today, adding an Orwellian twist to its not so distant future, all our fears are soon realized in this soundtrack that mirrors our world more than we choose to accept. And with speeds and intensity beyond anything the band had recorded before, »Kingdom Of Conspiracy« became an instant classic to both their fans and piers.

2017 will mark 29 years for IMMOLATION and in February »Atonement« will prove that this is one band that does not look back, continuing to push the limits and remaining a vibrant force for the future of a genre they helped define. »Atonement« is truly a defining moment for IMMOLATION,

»Atonement« goes beyond all expectations and will leave its listeners crumbled on the ground in a pile of ash,… thanking IMMOLATION for every minute it took them to get there!

Ross Dolan (Bass, vocals)
Robert Vigna (Guitar)
Alex Bouks (Guitar)
Steve Shalaty (Drums)