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Founded in early 2010 in Jyväskylä by Thrash/Speed Metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna, the frontman gathered an ensemble of passionate allies to establish a band that would soon be known as Scandinavia’s most energetic start-up export. After numerous gigs in every nook and corner of their home country, bringing them great feedback for their extraordinarily strong stage presence, LOST SOCIETY decided to take part in the world-renowned GBOB (Global Battle Of the Bands). After they had won the preliminary decision round in their hometown, they were invited to their country’s finals held in Helsinki, where they prevailed against 13 contesters and eventually came off victorious. The contest peaked in an amazing performance at the big GBOB world finals event in London on December 9, 2012 that brought LOST SOCIETY great awareness and respect far over and above the Finnish borders.

Crafted under the aegis of famous producer Nino Laurenne (AMORPHIS, ENSIFERUM, LORDI) in the prestigious Sonic Pump Studios (FINNTROLL, SONATA ARCTICA, OMNIUM GATHERUM), the band’s debut “Fast Loud Death“ can already in the first quarter be ranked among this year’s best releases of its genre – despite all the outputs of seasoned long-established thrashers that may follow. With their second studio album „Terror Hungry", LOST SOCIETY clearly manage to prove exactly this reputation.

Enter 2016, nothing‘s changed – but yet everything‘s different. From the first second of the quartet‘s new record »Braindead« on, one can‘t help but notice that the light-hearted happy-go-lucky attitude of earlier days has made way for something deeper, darker, heavier. Not an ounce of the youthful passion we‘ve come to love was lost, but rather channeled into what can rightfully be called LOST SOCIETY‘s most mature and profound effort to date.

After a short excursion with their latest album “No Absolution”, the band has manifested their very own sound, combining all the grit that has made them respected in the heavy community.

Nuclear Blast simply could not resist to get them back on their roster and continue the laid out path for making these four youngsters the contenders for the throne of modern metal made in Finland.

With four albums in total under their belt and tons of stunning live shows, the band has gathered a dedicated fan base. And whoever has seen those guys live, knows the captivating energy they ignite that makes you wanna bang your head off!

Samy Elbanna (Guitar & Vocals)
Arttu Lesonen (Guitar)
Mirko Lehtinen (Bass)
Ossi Paananen (Drums)