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GAUPA (lynx in Swedish) is a rock band from Falun, Sweden. With surreal lyrics, an energetic singer, and a sound that mixes progressive rock with doom/folk/psychedelic influences, they released their debut EP in June 2018 and have already made a name for themselves on the international underground rock scene. “GAUPA” – their self-titled debut EP – was well received and the band had one of their first live performances at Scandinavia’s biggest rock festival, Sweden Rock, who praised them in the magazine: “You can tell they are experienced musicians and the singer Emma Näslund is a force of nature. Ethereal and fairylike with a voice that seems to draw its power out of the deepest spirits of nature.”

Word spread fast around the world even to Japanese BURRN! magazine: “With arrangements that feel as natural and magical as those of Björk and The Cranberries together with the mystical and mesmerizing vocals of singer Emma Näslund, this exquisite work of art delivers a superb balance between retro nostalgia and modern elements.”

In April 2020 GAUPA followed up to release their first full length album, “Feberdröm,” gaining even more attention both from the underground scene, as well as from Nuclear Blast Records, who will release their next album in 2022.


Emma Näslund (vocals)
David Rosberg (guitars)
Daniel Nygren (guitars)
Erik Sävström (bass)
Jimmy Hurtig (drums)