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Disbelief had a contract with Nuclear Blast between 2004 and 2005. During this time, they released the following album:

• 66Sick (2005, info)

After the enormously successful previous release „SHINE“ (6 month constantly voted by the readers of German „ROCK HARD“ magazines charts; best voting: position 9), once again the world of music is crushed by the German band disbelief. “SPREADING THE RAGE” (Release: October, 20.2003) is the name of the 5th album of this extreme-metal-band, and this title is perfectly hitting the point.

Uncompromisingly individual is the device to create an uniquely embracing piece of music in history. All common cliches and barriers seem to mean nothing. What was meant to be incompatible is put together on this album. Melancholysongs like Drown or “It´s God given”, that lead the listener in the depths of his soul, stand beside powerful and crushing hits like “Ethic Instinct” or “To The Sky”. With KILLING JOKE´s “Democracy” Disbelief have placed a coverversion, that is astonishing authentic and surprisingly well fitting in the whole concept.
SPREADING THE RAGE is no musical fast-food but a culinary great enjoyment for gourmets of music. Staged by a brilliant and powerful wall of sound created by ANDY CLASSEN (STAGE 1 STUDIO), Karsten “JAGGER” Jäger´s incomparable voice, the distinctive guitar riffing and the tight rhythm-section, disbelief reveal an orgasm of creativity. This intensity is adopted by the artist of photographer ALEX KUEHR (HYPOCRISY; STRATOVARIUS; RAGE and many more) and artwork-designer MICHAEL ROHR (CRACK A SMILE; CENTURY) to create an impressing artwork, perfectly illustrating the title and the music. The first chance to listen to the new Disbelief – material will be in October on magazine-samplers of the German ROCK HARD, METAL HAMMER and LEGACY. The “LIVE”-attack will start in November on their European-Support-Tour with DEATH ANGEL and lots of headliner-shows afterwards. All up-dates you can find on their own homepage, which will be re-designed in October. An ingenious album- an extensive tour- their supportive and faithful fans.

Karsten "Jagger" Jäger (VOCALS)
Jochen "Joe" Trunk (BASS)
Tommy Fritsch (GUITARS)
Olly Lenz (GUITARS)
Kai Bergerin (DRUMS)