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Disharmonic Orchestra had a contract with Nuclear Blast between 1989 and 2002. During this time, they released the following albums:

• Successive Substitution (1989, EP, info)
• Pungent Strench / Disharmonic Orchestra (1989, Split, info)
• Expositionsprophylaxe (1990, info)
• Mind Seduction (1992, Single)
• Not to Be Undimensional Conscious (1992, info)
• Ahead (2002, info)

It was 1987 when Patrick Klopf (git,voc) and Martin Messner (drums) decided to form Disharmonic Orchestra. 2 demos were released in 1988 “the unequaled visual response mechanism” and “requiem for the forest”.

1989 Disharmonic Orchestra released with labelmates pungent stench the legendary split lp. Disharmonic Orchestra always wanted to be different in every way. They have been one of the most innovative bands in the grind and death metal genre. Albums like “expositionsprophylaxe” 1990 and “not to be undimensional conscious” 1992 proved how different grindcore and death metal could sound like.

1994 they released their 3rd album “pleasuredome” on steamhammer records, which was a major step ahead both musically and technically. In spring 2000 “expositionsprophylaxe” was released as a classic series and that was the beginning for reactivating the band. Since summer 2001 the band is working on new material. Be prepared for something completely different to be released 2002.

Patrick Klopf (guitar, vocals)
Martin Messner (drums)
Hoimar Wotowa (bass, vocals)