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In 1992 Ole K. Helgesen and Kristoffer Austrheim formed a death-metal band called "The Headless Children". They were both only thirteen years of age. After a couple of weeks, THC had finished their first song; Close to death. A true death-speed metal song, influenced by bands like Slayer and Kreator. The following year they were joined by vocalist Erik Borgen and guitarist Kenneth Bergsagel. They changed their name to "Carnal Tomb," and got more and more influenced by Black-metal. Carnal tomb only managed to make one song, called ?Black funeral?. A song which hopefully will appear on a release by Dismal Euphony, sometime in the future. Soon Erik Borgen got sacked, and Ole took over the vocals. Linn Achre Tveit (Keltziva) joined as a second vocalist,(she soon got more impotant). Elin Overskott joined on keyboards. As the music got more melodic and melancholic they decided to change their name again. Dismal Euphony was a correct description of the new music. In 1995 the band released a demo called "Spellbound". The demo woke huge interess all over Europe. They soon got offers from record-labels like Nocturnal art productions, Malicious records and Napalm records. Napalm records re-released the demo on a MCD, which sold thousands all over the world. "Soria Moria Slott" was there first full-length album. It was quite a success for Napalm records and the band. So was the next album; Autumn leaves. The two albums made Metal Blade Records and Nuclear Blast Records interested in the band. Nuclear Blast pulled the longest straw... On September 6th, 2004, the body of former keyboardist Elin Overskott was found in Stavanger. She died of a heroin overdose 24 years old after having been clean for more than two years.