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Dissection had a contract with Nuclear Blast between 1994 and 2003. During this time, they released the following albums:

• Storm of the Light's Bane Rough Mix (1995, Demo)
• Storm Of The Light’s Bane (1995)
• Where Dead Angels Lie (1996, EP)
• Live Legacy (2003, info)

Dissection formed in 1990. Jon Nödtveidt (vocals & guitar), Peter Palmdahl(bass) and Ole Öhmann (drums) quickly recorded the legendary 3-song demo Thy Grief Prophecy. From the beginning, Dissection was something special, as they highlighted a very dark and occult way of playing aggressive death metal. Inspired by bands like Celtic Frost and Possessed, Dissection created their own form of dark music, which was labeled as "black metal" later in their career.

John Zweetslot joined as second guitar player, and the line-up released the EP Into Infinite Obscurity in 1991. Nödtveidt always had a deep interest in the occult and Satanism, which became important part in Dissection's music. Along with other bands like Immortal,Impaled Nazarene, Mayhem and Darthrone, a new generation of death/black metal bands was born and started to conquer the underground scene. Darkness, death, Satanism and the occult, which they took very serious, inspired Dissection's lyrics.

At the end of 1994, their debut album, The Somberlain, was finally released and spread the dark visions of Dissection all over the world. The band called their music "Majestic Satanic Death Metal." After the release of The Somberlain, Zweelslot left the band and was replaced by Johan Norman, who formerly played with Decameron.

In 1995 Dissection, released the outstanding and brilliant album The Storm Of The Light¹s Bane, which became one of the best-selling black/death metal albums of all time. The dark spirit they created was never reached by any other act with such intensity and majestic power. Tracks like the opener Night's Blood, the eight-minute masterpiece Thorns of Crimson Death, the classic Where Dead Angels Lie or the hymn Unhallowed made Dissection immortal for all eternity. Jon described the title track Retribution - Storm Of The Lights Bane as the step you take from life into death, after the apocalypse. The album was pure dark and evil, never again has such a dark atmosphere been created. Ole Öhmann decided to leave the band and was replaced by Tobias Kellgren (ex-Decameron and Swordmaster); with whom Dissection went on their first US tour together with Morbid Angel and At the Gates.
In Europe, Dissection toured with Satyricon and Gorgoroth in April 1996 when the shaped-CD Where Dead Angel's Lie was released, featuring covers of Tormentor and Slayer along with demo tracks.

In 1997, Dissection toured with Cradle of Filth and also played an incredible show at the Wacken Festival, where the recordings for the upcoming Live Legacy album were done. Their set featured six tracks plus the intro "At the Fathomless Depths." A show nobody will ever forget, which deserved to be released on CD. Close your eyes and you will be a part of it. Live Legacy also features a great version of Tormentor's "Elisabeth Bathori," which was recorded live in Cologne in March 1997, plus another recording of the classic "Night's Blood." Ten tracks that prove the unique quality of Dissection, a real live legacy!

One year later, in early 1998, Nödtveidt was convicted for the murder of an Algerian homosexual. It was the blackest moment in his life, and Nödtveidt was sentenced to eight years in prison. Nobody knows what was going on in his mind; nobody knows his terrible reasons for it. But who are we not to give anyone a second chance? Everyone makes mistakes no matter how brutal and disgusting they are. But there was enough time for Nödtveidt to think about it and carry on as a new person. Live Legacy shows the importance of the band, which will always be one of the best death/black metal bands of our scene.

Jon Nödtveidt (vocals, guitars)