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In 2001, a band was formed in Bavaria, Germany. First, only for one gig, but after the audience was left stunned and begging, the band decided to continue. They chose the name EQUILIBRIUM and released a Demo in 2003.

This Demo not only sold like hell but also brought the band a deal with Black Attakk. The collabaration resulted in the amazing debut album "Turis Fratyr", combining Folk Metal with a blend of Pagan and Black Metal. After the release of the album and the good response of fans and the media likewise, the band played several tours and festival gigs (Summer Breeze, Wacken), establishing a huge fanbase all around europe – even though all of the lyrics were in German!

Not satisfied with the work of its old record company, the band signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records in order to reach the next level. With their effort "Sagas" this shouldn`t be an unreachable aim. The music and production has evolved – only hits, no fillers at all. The style still varies between happiness and sorrow, heavy and soft, melodic and grim. For this record, the band decided to only use German lyrics on the new Album, which gives EQUILIBRIUM uniqueness in the Folk/Pagan Metal scene!

In winter 2010 the new album Rekreatur was recorded together with new vocalist Robse. „Rekreatur“ showcases once again what this band is able to do. Although original singer Helge Stang had left the band earlier that year, the album doesn’t have any weak moment to it. The new man on the mic fits perfectly and helps the band to step up to even higher levels with his voices diversity and powerful presence. If it comes to the music itself, EQUILIBRIUM stick to what they know: thunderous metal, an epic vibe, hymns and that special battlefield-feeling at its best. Being extremely smart at crossing genres and experimenting with exotic elementsmakes “Rekreatur” stand out even more.

Much has happened in 2014. Founding members Sandra Van Eldik and Andreas Völkl decided to leave the band. New members are Dom R. Crey and Jen Majura. Also, guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost four years working on the new album "Erdentempel". The outcome is a very emotional and above all very personal album, that leads back to the roots of the band, without neglecting the bombast of the previous two records. Melodic Metal, powerful yet playful, heavy but emotional, inspired but independent. Smartly crossing genre borders and diving into geniously brave experiments of an exotic nature, just seem to happen and make this album even more interesting.

Two years later, EQUILIBRIUM returns into spotlight with their new album »Armageddon«. The compositions are still characterized by intoxicating melodies and impressive bombast. But »Armageddon« is darker, more serious and it mirrors all the currently moving world affairs. »Armageddon« is ready to continue EQUILIBRIUM's story and to add a new, formidable chapter to the band's discography with its massive sound, its excellent songs and a wealth of different moods. Be ready for an impressively thoughtful and enthralling album!

The step leading from “Armageddon” to “Renegades” may be a bit bigger than usual and also the world of legends, mythology and sagas has by now been entirely replaced by dark and personal themes; by urban legends and apocalyptic scenarios; for the band and for the whole genre, however, this album is a godsend. Bursting with energy, propelled forward by a newly-awakened fire and brimful with grand melodies, victorious choruses and a darkly throbbing energy, Equilibrium are redefining epic metal, making it viable in the process.

Robse (Vocals)
René Berthiaume (Guitar)
Hati (Drums)
Dom R. Crey (Guitar)
Skar (Bass / Clean vocals)
Skadi Rosehurst (Synths)