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FARMER BOYS had a contract with Nuclear Blast in 2004. During this time, they released the following album:

• The Other Side (info | shop)

Besides a lot of Heavy Metal legends, Germany also has a lot of excellent Metal acts in the modern way. Rammstein, Guano Apes and In Extremo already had a big international success, other acts like Subway To Sally, Farmer Boys, Oomph or Emil Bulls are on the way to get on top as well.

With their fourth and new record “The Other Side” the FARMER BOYS convince with an excellent and unique Rock/Metal album, which is covering a wide scene from acts like Pantera, Faith No More to Depeche Mode. The Other Side bristles with joy of playing and shows the enormous musical spectrum of the Benztown Boys.
Recorded and produced by the band themselves, feeling that no one else but the five musicians would know in which direction to go and what the sound of the FARMER BOYS is all about, they engaged Siggi Bemm (Guano Apes, The Kovenant and others) at "Woodhouse Studios" in Hagen to create an excellent final mix before bringing The Other Side to the masses.

Matthias Sayer [vocals], Alex Scholpp [guitar], Dennis Hummel [keyboards], Till Hartmann [drums] and new entrant Toni Leva [bass] have managed to create something special that a lot of other metal bands never could. The FARMER BOYS draw the perfect bow around brachial metal of the new millennium and British pop music of the 80s; charming bombast, glamour, measured melancholy and catchy hook lines. Heaviness and melody are good friends within FARMER BOYS compositions, both not wanting to live without the other. Thus solemn, spherical moments go hand in hand with bulky and rough riffing. Welcome to a world between power, pop and well-dosed pathos without disregarding the groove. Where other bands of the genre need a skilful remix or use cheap effects to succeed in the clubs, the FARMER BOYS come up with creative ideas that fill out their sound.

After eager activities in the underground, the quintet succeeded with the debut, Countrified (1995) and the follow-up release, Till The Cows Come Down (1997). Touring through the United States with the Vans-Warped-Tour, they played tons of shows supporting acts like METALLICA, MARILYN MANSON, RAMMSTEIN, BUSH, KILLING JOKE and the H-BLOCKX among others. With their opus, The World Is Ours, released in 2001, the swabian quintet climbed all the way to position 27 in the German charts and stayed there for an amazing five weeks.

The first single, "Here Comes The Pain", got broadcasted on VivaZwei (VivaPlus today) and showed the intention of the FARMER BOYS outright: In your face – but with feeling, please. For the first time their collected albums will be released worldwide and shall take the incomparable farmer charm to the whole world. Do not miss out on this opportunity to take part in the FARMER BOYS musical library, and remember to include The Other Side, where they push their way further forward, but not on the country lane.

Matthias Sayer (Gesang)
Alex Scholpp (Gitarre)
Dennis Hummel (Keyboards)
Toni Ieva (Bass)
Till Hartmann (Schlagzeug)