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The band was formed in Huskvarna, Sweden in 1998. Jocke and Kent had known each other for a thousand years and they?ve had jammed together since 1990... Andy and Jocke met in high school and realized fast their common interest in Beer drinking and classic heavy metal. They contacted Henke and ask him if he wanted to play rhythm guitar in a band. Henke liked the idea and hooked up with the rest of the guys, and a band was born. Back then their influences were heavier music like Entombed and Cathedral. Andy played bass and "growled". The first demo under the band name "BELOW" was recorded. The band used an old 4channel porta studio and they were real proud of the result. A song, ?Magnetic Fields?, from the demo was played in a big Swedish radio show called P3 Rock, and the guys felt that this is really working well. The next day they started jamming on new songs. They invested in a digital studio and bought a mixer (Korg D8 Porta Studio and old BROWN mixer from the 70?s). Just when everything felt great and the music kept coming, a band in New York contacted the guys and told them to change the name of the band. Andy, Jocke, Kent and Henke sat down and came up with the new band name FIREBUG. Then they moved on with the recording of their second demo called ?Firebug?. This demo had a very heavy sound and rather rough singing. Then the story repeated itself!! Another band from USA threatened with a lawsuit if they didn?t change their name. The name change became a fact. And their new and final name became HELLFUELED. (Wow!) A third and a fourth demo was recorded during 1999 and 2000. Their sound improved for every new demo they made. Jocke, who produced the songs, had developed a sound they all believed in and felt gave them an identity of their own. A major boost came when the band recorded their 6?th demo. The songs were air played and the band felt that finally something was happening! A drastic move was made by the band in 2002. Andy gave up the bass playing to Henke to concentrate on the vocals only. He developed a more natural singing under the influence of the godfather OZZY OSBOURNE. You can really here the difference on their 7?th demo (The Red One). The boys went back their roots and started to play more classic metal with their own groovy sound. After a while of bass playing, Henke felt that he needed to play some guitar. He joined another band on the side of HELLFUELED (Hellfueled will always will be his main band though) to play some covers. The other guys thought that they could use Andy?s OZZY like vocals and formed a Tribute band called BLIZZARD OF OZZY. Kent play bass in the band and Jockes younger brother Danne played drums. And the rest is history...