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Now officially signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the progressive heavy metal vehicle that is INTERLOPER has arrived to present its first collective effort as a band; A REVENANT LEGACY. With a full length album completed and set to be released in the near future, this EP serves as a stepping stone in the development of INTERLOPER as a whole. Constantly evolving as musicians; “this first release is a collection of songs that have been written over the course of a few years, morphed and evolved into what is, to us, the ‘first step’ in the direction of our sound as a band,” explains co-founder and drummer Aaron Stechauner.

The straightforward album artwork presents the INTERLOPER symbol hovering amidst grey and stormy clouds. This logo will serve to represent INTERLOPER long into the future, with the tumultuous weather symbolizing underlying themes of overcoming the darker elements of existence and human condition.

Songs like opener, “AN EMERALD FLAME” examine a variety of life’s obstacles through the lens of “a dark love story,” describes guitarist Andrew Virrueta. “It’s about how you can get let down again and again, yet still feel that need to find a connection and revisit those emotions.” Apace with melodies sonically exemplifying these highs and lows; these solid depressions and enlightening rejuvenations, rapid, nimble guitar work, and weighty, emotional vocals sew themselves throughout the track, and continue on throughout the EP.

With the current state of the world due to COVID-19, INTERLOPER were able to ensurethat the recording and production for A REVENANT LEGACY was all completed in house by the band themselves, and with additional input and assistance from producer, friend, and honorary ‘4th member’ Joey Virrueta. Working closely with brother Andrew and the rest of the band, Joey found himself well equipped to deliver the sound the band sought, and the EP required.

The intricate and contemporary musicianship expressed upon A REVENANT LEGACY is robust, energetic, impassioned, and is well suited for not justfor the listening pleasure of metal fans, but metal musicians the world over.


Miles Dimitri Baker (guitar)
Aaron Stechauner (drums)
Andrew Virrueta (vocals, guitar)