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January 2006 Melechesh entered Woodhouse studios in Germany (a.o. Grip inc. Samael, Therion, Moonspell...) for 4 weeks to record their 4th album entitled "Emissaries". many people around the band believe this album to be the best Melechesh album to date. February 2006 the band mixed the album for the first time and it was obvious the man hired to do the job was not a suitable choice at all ( to say the least), the album was mixed for the second time During the months of May and June. "Emissaries" was Mastered in July and was released in october 2006.

• 2005 The band were heavily involved in song writing and preperations for their new album. Xul became the new drummer for Melechesh after proving his excellent drumming abilities on the live arena

• June 2004 a limited collector's 10" vinyl EP entitled 'The Ziggurat Scrolls' was released

• January 2004 "Sphynx" gets an official release in North America and Central America thru an exclusive license to The End Records.

• May 2003 worldwide release of the new album “Sphynx” - Tremendous and outstanding Media and public response. Sphynx is considered by the majority of the Metal media and fans as one of the top 10 metal releases for the year 2003

• December 2002 Melechesh recorded their third opus entitled (Sphynx) at Los Angered Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Engineered by Andy Larocque (Guitarist of King Diamond). The Cover Art for the latest release ” Sphynx” will be done by Ron Woodall (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor etc.) in San Francisco at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic

• 2001 Melechesh’s second full-length album “Djinn“ was released (Osmose Productions) Clip filmed in the Netherlands to support the release. (The clip was broadcasted in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, USA, Finland, Sweden and Bulgaria. It was also streamed through many Internet clip shows/services.

• 2000 All members met in the Netherlands to record their sophomore album DJINN in Harrow Studios. Osmose productions signs Melechesh for Three albums

• 1999 the Texan drummer Proscriptor of the band Absu joins Melechesh

• 1998 a promo CD was recorded introducing the pioneering new style of extreme Metal, That same year the band relocated to the Netherlands and France

• 1997 Melechesh performed several concerts in Holy land and a documentary was filmed on the band, which was broadcasted several times due to high ratings!

• 1996 Melechesh released a 7”EP single entitled ‘The Siege Of Lachish’ through the German label Membrum Propaganda. That same year the band was signed to the American independent label Breath of Night Records, which released their debut album together with Pulverizer Records (USA)

• 1995 debut demo As Jerusalem Burns was released which received overwhelming response…Melechesh run into “legal“ complications due to “Alleged” Dark Cult activities in the Holy Cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The authorities wrongfully wanted Melechesh members! A few years later all was cleared.

• 1994 Lineup stabilized, started underground activities worldwide

• 1993 Melechesh was formed in Jerusalem! With the intention to create Raw Black Metal with Mediterranean Touches (Drum patters and guitar Scales)

Ashmedi (Vocals / Guitar)
Scorpios (Bass (studio))
Moloch (Guitar (studio))
Lord Curse (Drums (studio))
Nomadic Soul (Guitar / Drums (live))