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Music journalists and experts are constantly repeating that it´s all about the third album. "Passenger" (info | shop) is MNEMIC´s third album... And you know what? These experts might just be right: This album could well be the breakthrough for the Danish dynamite quintet. After the release of the much appreciated second album "The Audio Injected Soul" and the touring that followed, MNEMIC have had to travel through dark valleys: Singer Michael Bøgballe accounced his departure from the band. It took some time until the successor was found.

Tony Jelencovich, who was/is involved in bands like B-THONG, TRANSPORT LEAGUE, M.A.N. and ANGEL BLAKE took on the task, but sadly the liasion only lasted for a short time. Michael Bøgballe was asked to join the fold again, but he was just too occupied with his family – also the reason why he left the band. After another long search, Frenchman Guillaume Bideau was brought into MNEMIC. Well known as the singer from the Cyberthrash band SCARVE, which he left during the recording process of their new album, in order to fully concentrate on MNEMIC.

After listening to this new album you will agree: He IS the man! "Passenger" is all you expected from MNEMIC and much, much more. Listen to the opening track "Humanaut" and you will be blown away! This short song unleashes hell in every way. The unbelievably good production (which lay in the hands of the band itself, Christian Olde Wolbers from FEAR FACTORY, Warren Riker (DOWN, etc.) and Tue Madsen!) and in the middle of it: Guillaume Bideau, on the verge of madness. The first single "Meaningless", which was co-written by Roy Z. (BRUCE DICKINSON, JUDAS PRIEST, etc.), is a real smasher which will set fire to every club it’s played in. Every track is a f*ckin masterpiece of Modern Thrashy Metal! It really is a GREAT third album!

For the first time in the history of MNEMIC, they put guest appearances on a record. The chosen ones: Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH) and Jeff Walker (ex-CARCASS) are singing on the track "Psykorgasm". A dangerous and interesting meeting. Legends combined with soon to be legends... This is MNEMICs step into the eternal Metal Hall of Fame. Experience "Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation"!

What we’re facing in 2012 is a rebirth of sorts – with only Mircea and Guillaume remaining of the former line up, MNEMIC simultaneously present a new second guitarist, bassist and drummer. With that said, the sheer brilliancy of their fifth studio record “Mnemesis” (shop | info) becomes fully clear: Maintaining the trademark sound that has been shaped since the band’s inception in 1998 while incorporating innovative alterations in abundance at the same time – all that being done by an almost entirely renewed combo – undoubtedly bears witness to MNEMIC’s splendour. No matter what will come, MNEMIC will stay MNEMIC – with might and main!

Guillaume Bideau (Vocals)
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Guitar)
Brian Larsen (Drums)
Victor-Ray Salomonsen (Guitar)
Simone Bertozzi (Bass)