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The story of No Return starts in 1989.
It’s the professional attitude of the band, as well as the powerful and personal metal compositions that will lead the new label, Semetary Records to sign the band. They quickly become their number one reference. No Return are send to Germany, at the Phoenix Studio, to record their first album, produced by Coroner’s drummer Marquis Marky. The baby called “Psychological Torment” is a great hit in Germany and in France. This success is followed by tours, concerts, ...

After creating even more powerful compositions, the band flies to the notorious Morrisound Studio at Tempa (Florida). Tom Morris is in charge this time, the famous director and sound engineer known for his work with Morbid Angel, Coroner, Savatage, ...
The second album is released in 1992 by the label FNAC Production and is named “Contamination Rises”. The band imposes itself as one of the jewels in metal industry. This album stays a reference and was classed in the German “Top 30” in the Metal import charts. Follow concerts and tours...

No Return travels to Switzerland to record their third album at the “Studio Des Forces Motrices” engineered by David Weber (Young Gods, Kill The Thrill, Lofofora, Treponem Pal). The album “Season’s Of Soul” sees the light at the end of the year 95, thanks to the FNAC production WMD label. The band plays a few concerts before leaving for the Brutal tour with Massacra, Loudblast and Crusher that took end at the “Elysée Montmartre” in Paris.
“Red Embers”, a maxi six title, is again recorded with David Weber at his studio and released spring 1997 by Arcade (CNR) label. The band hits the road once more.

No Return welcomes a new singer in march 1999. And a second guitar player joins the band followed by a keyboard- and sample player. The new formation works on the fifth album and the compositions turn out to be more brutal then usual and once the samples added, a new dimension is brought to No Return. End 1999 the band starts recording the album in France, at Alexis Phelipot (drummer from the band) Misanthrope’s studio ( Dru Nemeton Studio).
The latest album, released under the name “Self Mutilation” with the label Kodiac Records (Carnival in Coal) from France receives a warm welcome from the specialised press.With “Machinery” they are ready to take the next step and establish themselves at the top of the Thrash Metal scene. Hymns like “ The Recycler”, “Synthetic”, “Virus” or the amazing title track are real genre classics already.If ones you heard “Machinery” there is No Return to your normal life!!!

Steeve Petit (vocals)
Benoit Antonia (guitars, bass)
Malko Pouchin (samples)
Didier Le Baron (drums)
Alain Clement (guitars)