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Pyogenesis had a contract with Nuclear Blast between 1994 and 2002. During this time, they released the following albums:

• Sweet X-Rated Nothings (1994, info)
• Waves Of Erotasia (1994, EP, info)
• Twinaleblood (1995, info)
• Twinaleblood (1995, Single, info)
• Love Nation Sugarhead (1996, EP, info)
• Unpop (1997, info)
• Love Nation Sugarhead RMX (1997, Single)
• Sweet X-Rated Nothings/ Waves Of Erotasia (1997, Compilation, info)
• Mono… Or Will It Ever Be The Way It Used To Be (1998, info)
• Drive Me Down (1998, Single)
• P – The Ultimative Home Video (2000 Video/ VHS)
• P (2000, Compilation, info)
• I Feel Sexy (2002, EP)

Though present-day Pyogenesis has little to do with metal in any form, their early work is something for all metal fans to look into.

The debut EP is grim doomdeath, straight from the Gothic-era Paradise Lost school. Sweet X-Rated Nothings showed just a touch of what was to come, as clean vocals and melodies were rather nicely intertwined with the heavy guitars, winning the band the label of "doomdeath pop" by some unknown critic.

However, the band veered sharply away from this style starting on Twinaleblood, and the succeeding albums have seen the band transformed into an alternative hard rock band. Though fine for that style, the newer material is probably of little interest to metal fans in general.

Flo v. Schwarz (guitar, vocals)
Tim Eiermann (guitar, vocals)
Wolle Maier (drums)
Joachim Pröll (bass)