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ReVamp is Floor Jansen's new band! Only one year ago After Forever stopped permanently but she decided she wanted to continue making heavy music!!! She did not start jamming with a band straight away in order to make an album. Instead she asked Joost van den Broek (ex-After Forever) and Waldemar Sorychta (ex-Grip Inc., Enemy Of The Sun) to join her in a songwriting process. Within a few months they managed to write enough material to start recording an album. In January 2010 they did so! On the album you will hear Waldemar play all guitars and bass guitar.

Joost did all keyboards, played the piano and made the arrangements for strings and choir. Drummer Koen Herfst (Bagga Bownz) did an amazing performance on the drums and of course Floor took care of the the vocals (not all though...there are two special guests on the album, who they are will be kept secret a little bit longer :-) On the 4th of June 2011 the album "ReVamp" was released!

Bass player Henk Vonk is REVAMP's new man on bass guitar! He replaces Jaap Melman who left the band before the recordings of the new upcoming album "Wild Card". The decision was made in mutual understanding and we can still drink a glass of beer together.

The result – that, after the departure of Jaap Melman, features new bassist Henk Vonk for the first time – was baptized »Wild Card« and lives up to its name in every single second! Regarding this, Floor explains: “This album became the most aggressive album I’ve ever made and in the lyrics I tell a lot about my personal experiences of the last years. This resulted into some heavy stories and some openhearted ‘screams’ I needed out of my system. It matches the violence of the music in a great way, we wrote as a great team! But not one sentence or word can really cover the contents of this album. Its variety in all its ingredients makes it almost impossible. A wild card is an unpredictable and unforeseeable factor. You don’t know what you’re getting, or when. That’s this album! It’s 100% ReVamp and it’s your wild card!”

Brace yourselves for one hell of a ride – ‘cause REVAMP have more than one ace in the hole!

The album was released on album in August 2013.

Floor Jansen (Vocals)
Ruben Wijga (Keyboard)
Arjan Rijnen (Guitars)
Mattias Landes (Drums)
Henk Vonk (Bass)
Jord Otto (Guitars)