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At the dawn of the '90s, SAMAEL emerged with their debut album "Worship Him" (info | shop), setting the foundation of Black Metal for a whole generation. Since then the band continuously evolved into a more sophisticated sound to become a major name in today’s metal music.

After five solid albums and several side releases, Samael established themselves as a creative force and sonic phenomenon. The band discography is a series of highlights: "Ceremony Of Opposites" (1994, info | shop), "Passage" (1996, info | shop), "Eternal" (1999, info | shop). All these releases have been very well received by the international press and unanimously praised by both professional and public listeners.

That alone should make Samael worth everyone’s attention. Yet above all, the band is regarded as an unforgettable live experience, a glimpse of which has been captured and released on their first DVD "Black Trip" (2003). Forged through a decade of constant touring, the reputation of the band’s incredible live performances is well deserved.

Hundreds of shows in Europe and America - including numerous festival appearances - continued to build the band’s name. Their album "Reign Of Light" (2004, info) shows the band’s desire to continue being on the frontline of modern heavy metal music, it will be followed by “Solar Soul” (2007, info | shop) the record that capture the essence of the band. On summer 2008 Samael took a break from song writing to mix “Above” (info | shop), a project they matured for some time and their most debated release to date.

29th of April 2011 “Lux Mundi” (info | shop) was released in Europe through Nuclear Blast…

Vorph. (Guitar and Vocals)
Makro (Guitar)
Mas (Bass)
Xy (Programming, Keyboards, Percussion)