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After what seems like years of relegating females to 'atmospheric' background vocals or picturesque figureheads of questionable 'metal' bands, the time finally came for a balls-out female-fronted metal band to emerge from the quagmire of droning female-driven alt rock that passes as metal. Enter American metal goddess Kimberly Goss and SINERGY.

While on tour playing keyboards with Dimmu Borgir, Kimberly and In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad put together the initial idea behind SINERGY. The idea grew, and after leaving Dimmu Borgir, Kimberly relocated to Sweden to turn the idea into a reality. After recruiting additional guitarist Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom), bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (Witchery, Arch Enemy, Mercyful Fate) and drummer Ronny Milianowicz, the band entered Studio Fredman (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork) in Gothenburg, Sweden to record Beware the Heavens. The album harkened back to the great '80s with female vocals that were both aggressive and emotional: no whining, no so-called 'angel-like' operatic vocals being spewed forth by morose gothic bands, just kick ass metal!

In 1999, Kimberly moved to Finland, making it nearly impossible to rehearse and write new material with the three Swedish members. The distance between members only compounded the problem SINERGY already faced with obligations to their other bands. The only logical option was to recruit a Finnish line-up. Guitarist Roope Latvala (ex-Waltari), bassist Marco Hietala (Tarot) and drummer Tonmi Lillman (To/Die/For) replaced the departed Swedes. The new line-up recorded the energetic To Hell and Back, which continued to grow the band's reputation for playing unrepentant heavy metal. And SINERGY proved it night after night on a European tour with fellow Finns Nightwish.

SINERGY's chemistry explodes all over the new recording. Once again recorded at Studio Fredman, Suicide By My Side brings SINERGY another step closer to the top with its dueling guitar solos, a powerful, in-your-face crunch and powerful female vocals. The mastery of this five-piece outfit is clear from the outset with opener 'I Spit On Your Grave' until the last notes of 'Remembrance' fade out. Poised to make an impact with album number three, SINERGY did suffer a minor setback when Lillman left soon after completing Suicide By My Side. But the band quickly recruited Swede Mats Karlsson, who the band describes as 'fresh blood' as he has not played in any serious bands prior to SINERGY. Armed with new blood and an explosive new CD, SINERGY are ready to once again attack.

Kimberly Goss (vocals)
Roope Latvala (guitar)
Alexi Laiho (guitar)
Sisneros (bass)
Tommi Lillman (drums)