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„SIRENIA is back, yet another singer, and yet another collection of melodic and dramatic melancholy to soothe the autumn storms. Check it out!“SCREAM MAGAZINE (NO) / Håkon Grav SIRENIA came together in early 2001, when Morten parted ways with his former band TRISTANIA, due to musical disagreements and personal differences. He was however at this point full of ideas and more than ready to set them free. He invested a lot in new equipment and spent much time in his home studio composing. After recording two great albums with SIRENIA ("At Sixes And Sevens" (info | shop) and "An Elexir For Existence" (info)) plus one EP ("Sirenian Shores" (info | shop)), it was time to take everything even further.

In 2006 SIRENIA signed to NUCLEAR BLAST and released “Nine Destinies And A Downfall” (info | shop) which turned out to sound more powerful and heavier than its 2 predecessors – the album hit the German media control charts at # 54 gained the band access to a way broader audience. In November 2007 vocalist Monica Pederson quit the band due to musical disagreements. The vacant position was soon filled with the young spanish vocalist extraordinaire, Ailyn, and also a new guitarrist, namely Michael S. Krumins, was announced soon. As can be heard on the new album, „The 13th Floor“ (info | shop), the new line-up happens to be the strongest and most powerful to date! But who could put it better than the man behind all this himself? "Musically it's an album that takes us back in time as well as forth, we have tried to combine everything we have done throughout SIRENIA’s career musically and blended it into one massive album. Loads of power combined with melodic aspects, with all the variation and diversity that always has been the main key in SIRENIA’s sound and expression.

We are really proud of the result and we think this album will satisfy the majority of our fans, the ones that have followed us from the very beginning and the ones who discovered Sirenia's music through our previous album "Nine Destinies and a Downfall". We have put our hearts and souls into this album and truly hope that it will give you all some nice moments in the name of metal.“ – Morten Veland „The 13th Floor“ is the logical continuation of what the band did in the past years and will definetely take SIRENIA to the next higher level – that is for sure! A must-have for fans of NIGHTWISH, LACUNA COIL and EVANESCENCE

In June 2013 the sixth studio album „Perils Of The Deep Blue" (info | shop) will be released. The most parts of this masterpiece were recorded in the band’s own studio and this record was produced by Morten Veland himself.

Morten Veland (Vocals & Guitars)
Ailyn (Vocals)
Jonathan Perez (Drums & Percussion)
Jan Erik Soltvedt (Guitars)