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Textures (těks'chərs) substantive.
1. A structure made of interwoven fibers or other elements.
2. The unique, physical composition or arrangement of a piece, especally regarding the size, shape and alignment of its components.
3. A modern progessive metal sextet, whose works are as brutal as diverse and experimental.

2003: as the TEXTURES debut album "Polars" was released, the Dutch music magazine Oor stated: "This is the best metal album, that once came out from Holland." The groundstone had been laid.
TEXTURES, once just an unknown band from the south of the Netherlands, has now become, a few albums later, a major player of the global metal scene. Their fourth album and Nuclear Blast debut "Dualism" is even more groovier, catchier and has heavier production than its predecessor "Silhouettes" .

TEXTURES are now to release a musical diptych. Both albums revolve around a common concept:
»Phenotype«, the first one to be released in 2016, is a 60-minute song based album. TEXTURES deliver a versatile overview of what modern metal has to offer. Catchy, innovative and progressive songs, this is TEXTURES at their purest.
»Genotype«, which will come out one year after, is a 45-minute concept track. The approach of the album will be the same as »Phenotype«, but in a completely different context.

Stef Broks (Drums)
Daniël de Jongh (Vocals)
Joe Tal (Guitars)
Bart Hennephof (Guitars)
Remko Tielemans (Bass)
Uri Dijk (Keyboards)