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Amsterdam based metal band The Charm The Fury have signed with Nuclear Blast Records (worldwide) and Arising Empire (Europe) for a new album due in March 2017. As the follow-up to their debut album, A Shade Of My Former Self, the band will release a new album in March 2017 through the established rock and metal independent.

THE CHARM THE FURY have matured since their debut. With several of Europe's biggest festivals under their belt, they have transformed their sound into a startling slab of ultra-modern but utterly distinctive metal that shrewdly and honestly redefines what THE CHARM THE FURY is all about. Driven by a collective distaste for the state of the world in the 21st century, the band recorded an angry album underpinned by ferocious intelligence and a heartfelt desire to wake people out of their digital stupors.

With more details about the band’s new album to come, the critical moment has arrived: THE CHARM THE FURY are armed, ready and hungry for the next big push. When it explodes in 2017, the smart money is on these diehard noisemakers claiming their rightful place among the new metal elite. They have the songs, the determination and the charisma to make it happen.

Tobias Sammet (Lead Vocals, additional keys, bass)
Sascha Paeth (guitars, bass)
Michael Rodenberg (keyboards, piano, orchestration)
Felix Bohnke (drums)