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In September 2006, the band WORLD UNDER BLOOD was formed by the CKY guitarist Deron Miller and the drummer Tim Yeung at the Rainbow Room in Hollywood.
Miller says that they found out that they had been fans of each other for years and so they decided, after (too?) many drinks, to form a melodic death metal band together. He also remembered that he said not just talk about it... let's really do it, and right then and so the band had its drummer.

They started to practice at AMP studios in Studio City and shortly after they had three new songs which made their first demos in 2006. "The songs came so didn’t matter that some of the parts had weird time changes, or difficult arrangements. Tim was so easy to work with and understood immediately what I was trying to do. I was blown away" said the guitarist.

Tim started to play in his new band DIVINE HERESY, too. But he decided to play in both bands, so Deron went to a studio and they started to record the songs "Dead And Still In Pain", "A God Among The Waste", and "Under The Autumn Low".
With an uincomplete line-up Yeung laid down his drum tracks in a day and Miller was left to complete the recordings. After the material was tracked, Deron had Logan (ex-MACHINE HEAD guitarist) mix “Dead and Still In Pain” and then begged legendary death metal guitarist turned producer James Murphy to mix the other 2 for free. "Murphy loved the songs and told me that if and when we get a deal, he would love to record the rest of the album."

Discomposed about the mixes, Deron started to create up a Myspace page for the band and posted the 3 songs for streaming. The answers of this were incredible. CKY fans, Tim's fans and metal heads from all over the world viewed this site. But the band was far from being completele! The popularity and the traffic of the site eventually beamed WORLD UNDER BLOOD into the top 5 unsigned bands on Myspace.
To run scared Miller wanted to complete the line-up. The guitarist Luke Jaeger joined the band.

Now they were looking for a bassist, but that wasn’t a problem. Risha Eryavec was a friend of Tim’s. At this time he played in DECREPIT BIRTH and the guys of WORLD UNDER BLOOD went to clubs to see them play. After the shows they talked to Risha and he was recruited.

At the end of 2007 they started to produce the debut album in different studios.
The complete record with the title Tactical landed in the hands of James Murphy to mix it. Because of adverse situations the recording was delayed again and again. The finished product was held in hands in April, 2011 and the album “Tactical” released on July 26th.

“I couldn't wait to bring WORLD UNDER BLOOD to the world!”


Deron Miller (guitars/vocals)
Luke Jaeger (guitars)
Risha Eryavac (bass)
Tim Yeung (drums)