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Over 20 years after the release of their self-titled debut album, US-based death/thrash metal outfit ABOMINATION will re-release their legendary early material as "Abomination / Tragedy Strikes".

The output includes the albums Abomination (1990) & “Tragedy Strikes” (1991), the EP “Final War” (1999) as well as the rare demos from 1987 and 1988. This double feature of a true underground legend is a must-have for all old school metalheads out there.

ABOMINATION was formed as a thrash metal band in 1987 by Paul Speckmann (MASTER). After two demos the band received a recording contract in 1990. They released their debut “Abomination” and one year later the follow-up „Tragedy Strikes“ hit the stores.

ABOMINATION in the good old days...

Losing their contract in 1993 meant the untimely end to the band. However, Paul Speckmann and the band decided to revive ABOMINATION in 1999 and recorded their EP „Final War“. Unfortunately, their label at that time quit their business. Now, finally, the total ABOMINATION impact came through Nuclear Blast!