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ASHES OF ARES is a band which represents the culmination of experiences, trials and tribulations of founding members Matt Barlow, Van Williams and Freddie Vidales. Within months of their departures from the iconic metal bands ICED EARTH and NEVERMORE, the trio came together in 2013 with a renewed drive to create a sound which is a true collaboration of their personal influences, ideas and visions.

Armed with the knowledge acquired through years of the writing, touring and recording cycle, and with the support of an army of loyal fans across the globe, ASHES OF ARES is poised to carve out a new legacy and stand alongside those who have helped pave the way.

In the same year their first album „Ashes Of Ares“ was released.

Matthew Barlow (Vocals)
Freddie Vidales (Guitar/Bass)
Van Williams (Drums)