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Candlemass had a contract with Nuclear Blast between 2005 and 2010 During this time, they released the following albums:

• Candlemass (2005, info | shop)
• Black Dwarf (2007, Single)
• King Of The Grey Islands (2007, info | shop)
• Lucifer Rising (2008, info | shop)
• If I Ever Die (2009, Single)
• Death Magic Doom (2009, info | shop)
• Hammer Of Doom (2009, Single)
• No Sleep ‘til Athens (2010, Live)
• Ashes To Ashes (2010, Live CD + DVD, info | shop)

One of the fastest (hehe) and busiest bands in the whole Doom Metal and Metal scene, CANDLEMASS didn`t hesitate to deliver a full-length studio album as a follow-up to massive “Lucifer rising” EP.
And it is as sensational and striking as its title! “Death magic doom” (2009) breaks the chains of genre restrictions and serves the listener an album of monumental, breathtaking (Doom) Metal formed to perfection.

Many listeners might be unaware that on CANDLEMASS` groundbreaking debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” (which gave a name to a whole subgenre) the vocal duties were not covered by Messiah, but by a certain Johan Langquist.
Messiah joined Black Sabbath enthusiast Leif Edling and the rest of the crew in time for their second effort, the immortal and epic “Nightfall”. The density of all-time favourites such as “Dark Are The Veils Of Death”, “Bewitched” or “The Well Of Souls” on the 1987 album was, and still remains, breathtaking.
After the release of 1989`s concept album “Tales Of Creation”, Messiah left the band for the first time.
The two “comeback” albums “Dactylis Glomerata” and “From The 13th Sun” were recorded with different vocalists and saw the band experimenting with new moods and styles.

The reunion with Messiah, who rejoined the band in 2002 for a legendary tour and more memorable shows, didn`t last long: shock and dismay hit the scene once again in 2004 as the next split occurred.
Marcolin returned for the self-titled, massive “Candlemass” album which marked the band`s debut with Nuclear Blast.

This opus embraced both a heavy, modern sound and the timeless CANDLEMASS trademarks that has won legions of fans since the bands early days in the mid eighties. After the monk had left for good during the recording sessions for “King Of The Grey Islands”, Robert Lowe (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) picked up the microphone in 2007 and delivered a hauntingly great job on this sombre concept album. The CANDLEMASS fans gave Robert a warm welcome on their following European tour – just listen to the live cuts on the “Lucifer rising” EP (2008)!
In 2009, the Swedish/Texan fivepiece has returned with an album that deserves the title “classic” right from the start – because “Death Magic Doom” has it all! Uptempo Metal madness (‘If I ever die’), grinding Doom (‘Hammer of Doom’, which the record was initially supposed to be called) and – most of all – those immortal hymns with achingly addictive and beautiful melody lines (just check out ‘Dead angel’ or ‘The bleeding baroness’)!
Recorded once more at the famous Swedish Polar Studios, “Death Magic Doom” captures CANDLEMASS at their personal best: immortal songwriting, incredible guitar solos and Robert`s brilliant vocals.

"Ashes to Ashes" from 2010 is a massive live onslaught on DVD that boasts two full shows (one at Sweden Rock festival 2009, the other one in Athens the same year) – plus the Sweden Rock show on CD too. Not to mention an in-depth band interview and plenty of bonus stuff!

This release also marks the first live album / live DVD with vocalist Robert Lowe and material from the last two albums, namely "King of the Grey Islands" and "Death Magic Doom"! Mixed with classic tunes such as 'Samarithan', 'At the Gallows End' or 'Solitude', "Ashes to Ashes" truly is a treat for every CANDLEMASS fan and a must have for all traditional metal gourmets!

A must have for any real CANDLEMASS fan: the “Doomology” 5-CD boxset (2010) which boasts a ton of unreleased, rare and live material! Ex-THERION vocalist Mats Leven is singing on all “King Of The Grey Islands” demo tracks and much more is waiting to be discovered by the listener.

Robert Lowe (Vocals)
Mats Björkman (Guitar)
Leif Edling (Bass)
Lars Johansson (Lead Guitar)
Jan Lind (Drums)