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BEWARE!!! There is a shovel headed kill machine on the loose with Gary Holt sitting behind the wheel – and he is angry! This machine will stop for nothing and is absolutely relentless!

Listen to serial killers such as 'Raze', 'Deathamphetamine', 'I Am Abomination', 'Going Going Gone' or '44 Magnum Opus' and you will know exactly what I mean. New partners in crime are: Paul Bostaph – ex-SLAYER, ex-FORBIDDEN; does he really need an introduction?Rob Dukes – the new singer and, boy, does he kick ass…imagine a mixture of Baloff, Anselmo and Zetro, that is how Rob sounds like.Lee Altus – ex-HEATHEN, well known from the bay are and one of the best riffers around.

Tom Hunting, Kirk Hammett and Gary Holt founded EXODUS in 1982, shortly after selecting an appropriate singer the band, Paul Baloff, who completed the line up perfectly and bringing the dream to fruition. Within the following year EXODUS gained huge attention in the international underground scene, evolving from an insiders' tip of the tape trading community to a highly popular act. Innovative song writing and explosive live shows made the difference, EXODUS brought Bay Area Thrash to the world and inspired many bands, among them METALLICA, TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL and VIOLENCE (respectively MACHINE HEAD). In 1983 Kirk Hammet left the band to join METALLICA, and was replaced by Rick Hunolt, and soon after Rob McKillop complimented mix.

The debut "Bonded By Blood" was released two years later and became a timeless thrash classic still appreciated today. A vast tour with SLAYER and VENOM preceded next thus the name EXODUS spread more and more. Shortly before the second album "Pleasures Of The Flesh" showed up in 1987, Baloff left the band due to personal and musical differences and got replaced by Steve "Zetro" Souza (ex-LEGACY).
The line-up and chemistry was working for the creativity and the subsequent success of the band. With the studio records like; "Fabulous Disaster""Impact Is Imminent" and "Force Of Habit" as well as the live album "Good Friendly Violent Fun" and the compilation "Lessons In Violence" EXODUS kept on improving their style and promoted their music with a large number of gigs including tours with PANTERA, ANTHRAX, MOTÖRHEAD, BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, MEGADETH and many others.

1992 saw the split of EXODUS, affected by stress and personal problems. A short reunion happened 1996 (with their "old" singer Paul Baloff) with a tour through Europe and North America and the release of the second live record "Another Lesson In Violence". Another break took place until September 2001 when EXODUS attended the "Thrash Of The Titans" benefit show featuring LEGACY, ANTHRAX, S.O.D. and DEATH ANGEL. Afterwards the band started writing new material but got adjourned abruptly: Paul Baloff suffered a stroke on 2nd February 2002 and passed away. Back with Souza at the microphone EXODUS continued working and finally finished the recording sessions for the new, ultimate comeback album "Tempo Of The Damned" in 2003. The latest EXODUS album "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" was released on October 4th 2005 and this was definitely be THE THRASH album of the year 2005!!!

Legendary architects of thrash metal will release theier tenth studio album Blood In Blood Out" on October 10th (EU)/October 13 (UK/FR)/ October 14th (US) 2014.

Steve "Zetro" Souza (vocals)
Tom Hunting (drums)
Lee Altus (guitar)
Gary Holt (guitar)
Jack Gibson (bass)