Belphegor - The Last Supper/Blutsabbath (Remastered 2021) 2CD


CD 1: "The Last Supper"
01. The Last Supper
02. A Funeral Without A Cry
03. Impalement Without Mercy
04. March Of The Dead
05. The Rapture Of Cremation
06. Engulfed In Eternal Frost
07. D.I.E.
08. In Remembrance Of Hate And Sorrow
09. Bloodbath In Paradise Pt.II
10. Kruzifixion
CD 2: "Blutsabbath"
01. Abschwörung
02. Blackest Ecstasy
03. Purity Through Fire
04. Behind The Black Moon
05. Blutsabbath
06. No Resurrection
07. The Requiem Of Hell
08. Untergang der Gekreuzigten
09. Path Of Sin

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