Kataklysm - Epic (The Poetry Of War)


Back where they belong as technicians of mind-numbing, musicianly black/death/grindcore, Kataklysm finds their stride with their fifth full-length.

Now 2001 sees Kataklysm releasing “Epic (The Poetry of War)”. With this album they again show the world that there is no band in the universe that is more brutal and less compromising than Kataklysm. If you don’t believe, check out songs like “Il Diavolo In Me,” “Damnation Is Here,” “Shivers Of a New World” or any of the other fantastically brutal tracks. If you ever wanted to hear the poetry of war, you now have your chance!!!

1. Il Diavolo In Me
2. Damnation Is Here
3. Era Of The Mercyless (Roma: Part 1)
4. As The Glorious Weep (Roma Part 2)
5. Shivers Of a New World
6. Manipulator Of Souls
7. Wounds
8. What We Endure
9. When Time Stands Still

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