Ringworm - Seeing Through Fire




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On the rarest of occasions, there comes along a band that latches on and annihilates your ears with such a unique combination of sounds, you find yourself dislodged from the monotony of every-day music, and rooted firmly in the terrain of admiration. Cleveland Ohio’s RINGWORM are no strangers to this concept, and have been fascinating metalheads with their unorthodox melodies for over 30 years. Now recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the guys are preparing to unleash their 9th studio album: SEEING THROUGH FIRE.

“We wanted to go with a slightly different approach and look than the previous records, it’s a new era for us,” explains vocalist and founder James Bulloch, also known as the Human Furnace. “It’s a little bit of a return to our roots, you have those moments every so often where you wanna get back to your comfort zone, but at the same time you want to expand that comfortzone. On the production side, we definitely wanted something that was raw, more in your face, and way more sonically abrasive than the last several albums. Vocally it’s the same approach on every record, my voice is just a hammer, and every song looks like a nail to me.” While the Human Furnace’s monstrous voice obtained its name for a reason, the band are often lumped in with a vast sea of hardcore acts, perhaps unfairly pushing aside the intricate melodies that completely recategorize RINGWORM, and set them apart from one specific genre. SEEING THROUGH FIRE showcases these abundant complexities and pushes the band up into the front runners of modern metallic talent.

Side A
1. Seeing Through Fire
2. Carved in Stone
3. No Solace, No Quarter, No Mercy
4. Death Hoax
5. Thought Crimes
6. Unavoidable Truth
7. House of Flies
8. You Want it To
9. Mental Decontrol
10. Power and Blood
11. Playing God

Pressing Info:
Red In Orange w/Splatter Vinyl LP (Limited to 1,800)