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SONIC SYNDICATE’s first album, “Eden Fire” (2005) saw the band rise from the intrepid Swedish underground, but it was their stunning debut under Nuclear Blast records with “Only Inhuman” (2007) that changed the band from promising contenders into one of the most revered heavy-weight fighters in the game. Their next effort, “Love And Other Disasters” (2008) pushed the bar even higher.
Together with relentless touring with bands like AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES and NIGHTWISH eventually cemented their status as the hottest new band around (Winning Best Newcomer, 2008 at both the Swedish Metal Awards and the Bandit Rock Awards).
Since Nathan J. Biggs joined the band in 2009 the winning streak only got more impressive (Grabbing Best Music Video for “Burn This City” and Best Swedish Group, 2010). The following year heralded SONIC SYNDICATE’s most diverse and unique work to date, “We Rule the Night” (2010). The album accompanied by an elaborate worldwide marketing campaign,
resulted in not only the first single, “Revolution, Baby!” selling Gold in Sweden, but also led the band to their most extensive
tour to date - travelling and destroying stages all over the globe for a massive two years. This eventually climaxed with an
unbelievably memorable performance at Summer Breeze Open Air Festival (2011) in front of over thirty-three thousand people.
After almost twenty-eight million YouTube views of the band’s official music videos, and constantly being either on the road or
in the studio, the band decided to take an extended break for the first time since its incarnation. The hiatus gave them chance to breathe, recuperate and try an approach to songwriting they have never done before.
Two years later, SONIC SYNDICATE is back! Teaming up with renowned producer Roberto Laghi (IN FLAMES, HARDCORE
SUPERSTAR, MUSTASCH) with an album that is going to blow both people’s minds and speakers, promising to be brutal and
brilliant. Going back to their roots, the self-titled album is not only a cathartic but also more heavy sound experience.
“Sonic Syndicate” will also feature a guest appearance by SOILWORK’s gifted vocalist Björn “Speed“ Strid on the track “Before You Finally Break”

01. Day Of The Dead
02. Black Hole Halo
03. Long Road Home
04. My Revenge
05. Before You Finally Break
06. Catching Fire
07. Unbreakable
08. It Takes Me
09. See What I See
10. So Addicted
11. The Flame That Changed The World
12. Diabolical Work Of art
13. What We Shared
14. Another Soldier Down

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