The Black League - Ichor


This is it! The Real Thing!
From the White Town of the North, Oulu, Finland, hail THE BLACK LEAGUE — the serious kick in the ass that this dormant music scene has been waiting for all these years of pseudo-heavy schlager metall and quasi-brutal anti-music mish-mash! THE BLACK LEAGUE is Dark Wave Rock Metal! Outstanding musicianship and wordcraft blended with the purest rock’n’roll drive! End-of-Time music for the Brave New Era! Their long-awaited debut album "ICHOR" is out on Nuclear Blast Records in June 2000!
"ICHOR" (Gr. ‘ihúr, "blood of the gods") is a 13-track soundtrack for the tragicomedy of human existence in our modern reality, ranging from in-your-face rock metal groove outbursts to psychethereal aural dream experimentations delivered with the uncompromising attitude of crushing the conventions and clichès of the mainstream! The song-writing process for "ICHOR" has been exceptionally long (1992-1999) and, hence, the album material is a result of strictly darwinian natural selection: only the strongest tunes and the best-thought-out lines live up to the present day! Nihilo-cynical realism, idiographic psychodrama, arctic angst with a bitter scent of escapism and eschatology set a-drifting down the stream of consciousness…Truly an End-of-Time release for the Brave New Era!

2)One Colour Black
3) Deep Waters
4)Goin‘ To Hell
5) Avalon
6) We Die Alone
7) The Everlasting
9)Blood Of The Gods
10)Bunker King
11)Winter Winds Sing
12) Ecce Homo!
13) Night On Earth

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