BAT - Under the Crooked Claw



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Metal-punk trio BAT have been delivering their own blood-spattered horror since ascending from the underground a decade ago. The brainchild of MUNICIPAL WASTE guitarist Ryan Waste, BAT is the horror-themed cousin of his aforementioned band, with dashes of Motörhead and Venom. BAT pushes the boundaries between heavy metal, punk and rock ‘n’ roll; dynamically all coagulating together into one cohesive dirty sound. Our attraction to horror is visceral and undeniable. So is our love of BAT.


  1. Una Torcia Illumina Il Cielo
  2. Vampyre Lore
  3. Rite For Exorcism
  4. Streetbanger
  5. Just Buried
  6. Warshock
  7. Horror Vision
  8. Battered
  9. Revenge Of The Wolf
  10. Marauders Of Doom
  11. Electric Warning
  12. Bastardized Force
  13. Final Strike

Pressing Info:
Bottle Clear/Black Marbled LP: Limited to 1500

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